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UP Alumni In The News 10.19.11

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Just 9 days stand between us and The UP Experience 2011, can you believe it? Time sure flies when you are discovering the people and achievements who are determining today what the world will look like tomorrow.

We hope we’ll see all of you on October 27th! Check out our Facebook page and Twitter feeds for live updates from UP on the 27th!

UP 09 alumni, Peter Diamandis, kicked off a week-long program for entrepreneurs at Singularity University this past week by saying that optimism is the key to business success. Check out why he says, “the world is getting better at an accelerating rate.”

rethink your workplace at UP 11! Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Michael Lokner

And as the world gets better some of us are feeling the stress of so much to do. If that sounds like you check out this post on how to be more positive at work that cites the research of UP 08 speaker Shawn Achor.

UP 10 alum Richard Florida tackled business from another angle, examining, “How Startups Have Changed the Way American Business Thinks” in The Atlantic.
Can’t wait until October 27th for your next dose of UP? Get your fix now on The UP Experience YouTube channel!

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UP Alumni In The News 9.14.11

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Here we are, halfway through the week again and with more intriguing news from UP Experience alumni:

Mosquito nets like this one can prevent malaria - support an important cause and learn more about smart ways of working by purchasing the book End Malaria. Image courtesy of Flickr/Sheep "R" Us

UP 10 speaker, Kevin Kelly, featured the new book End Malaria as recommended reading on his blog this week. The book, which features advice from some of the world’s best thought leaders on how to work smarter, isn’t about malaria, but $20 from each sale will go to fight the disease. End Malaria features essays not just from Kelly but many past and future UP Experience speakers including: Brene Brown, Dan Pink, and Sir Ken Robinson.

Fellow UP 10 speaker Dan Buettner and his Blue Zones Project joined with Wellmark, Healthways and Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa to launch a new Blue Zones initiative in the state.

Right here in Houston, UP 11 speaker, Laura Spanjian our city’s Sustainability Director, was part of the “Houston Drives Electric” launch and announced that Houston residents can expect to have access to 250 public electric charging stations by the end of 2012.

And, Spanjian’s fellow UP 11 speaker Dan Pink shared one of his favorite, free new productivity tools.

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Welcome Dave Nelsen Business & Social Media Authority to UP 2011!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. At UP, we’re still hard at work finalizing the details of the speaker lineup for The UP Experience 2011. And, since today is Tuesday, we’re announcing the name of the next innovator to take our stage in October.

Dave Nelsen is the president of Dialogue Cng Group and a social media expert who has achieved incredible success using innovative social networking, social media, and internet communication tools. His UP presentation, Insights about Social Media and Social Networking will help attendees understand how to develop strategies that enhance conversations with their most important internal and external customers using proven social media tools and techniques.

Dave is an award-winning CEO who has founded, run, and sold several high-tech companies including the social media pioneer,, where he introduced the world to live, interactive podcasting. Through this venture, he quickly became immersed in the emerging social networking and social media phenomenon. During this time, he was recognized by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as CEO of the Year by the Tech Council, a leading US technology trade association. Throughout his career, he has raised more than $70 million federal, angel investor, and venture capital funding.

Most importantly, as a CEO himself, he has successfully tackled in his own businesses many of the same challenges businesses and professionals face today in the ever-expanding and increasingly important world of social media.

Dave is an experienced podcaster, blogger, tweeter, Facebook and Ning user, and LinkedIn networker.   He writes a monthly column for TEQ Magazine, and appears regularly as a guest on WMNY Radio.

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UP Alumni In the News 3.9.11

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Time for another installment of UP alumni in the news. In addition to the stories below please feel free to share any favorites that you’ve come across too!

Ray Kurzweil gets a brief mention in this fantastic infographic predicting the next 25 years of emerging technology development. We thought it was a pretty impressive presentation. What are your thoughts? Accurate?

Sir Ken Robinson got a nod in this article from The Huffington Post on the growing emphasis on creativity in the professional world.

UP 2008 Speaker and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Apple has more room for innovation, even with Steve Jobs on leave.

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