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UP Alumni In The News 10.12.11

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Just three more UP alumni posts before we’re all at UP 2011 meeting another class of great attendees and future alumni speakers. If you’ve been considering attending don’t wait any longer! A limited number of seats are still available, register now!

There has been some pretty incredible, heart breaking and amazing news in the past week. We’re sure there isn’t a single one of you who hasn’t read, commented on and discussed the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs this past week. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is also an UP 08 alumni and he has some inspirational words and great memories to share about his friend and colleague in this video.

Fellow alumni from UP 09 David Pogue, tech writer at The New York Times also shared his thoughts on what Jobs career has done to the way we all live and communicate. Future UP alumni, Dan Pink also shared a poignant speech Jobs’ gave at Stanford University’s commencement.

Other UP alumni were receiving their own honors this week. UP 10 alumni Jessica Jackley along with Kiva co-founder Matt Flannery were honored as winners of The Economist’s Innovation Awards for their work in microfinance.

Also this week, UP 10 alumni Michael Eisner‘s The Eisner Foundation established a $100,000 award for those working to bridge the gap between senior citizens and young people, the first recipient is the Intergenerational Center at Temple University.

And last but certainly not least, UP 09 alumni Peter Diamandis and the X Prize Foundation announced the winner of the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE. The winning team, from Illinois, developed a system that skimmed oil out of water 3 times better than the industry standard.

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UP Alumni in the News 4.27.11

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

In addition to our big speaker announcement yesterday, our former speakers continue to be front and center in the news!

Fast Company profiled the “Visioneering” process through which UP 09 speaker Peter Diamandis’ X Prize Foundation decides on its next conquests. A-listers ranging from James Cameron to Eric Schmidt to Will.I.Am attend the unique session to fight for their favorite topics and vet others’ ideas.

Turning from the future to come to the future that hasn’t come to pass, The Economist cited UP 10 speaker Luis von Ahn in an article comparing Hollywood’s predictions of man vs machine to the actual state of affairs.

The Baltimore Sun gave a nod to UP 10 speaker Richard Florida in its examination of a new trend in work – the digital nomad. Dream of living anywhere you want? Working from the beach, the mountains, or great coffee shops around the world with free wifi? Don’t miss this article.

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