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Houston UP Close! A new segment at UP 2011

Friday, July 8th, 2011

This year, we’re adding a new twist The UP Experience. The day will now also include a “Houston UP Close” session, which will feature two local professionals who are making a real difference in our own community.

Image Courtesy of Houston TranStar/Flickr

Astounding change and innovation is happening all over the world, and that’s what The UP Experience likes to highlight. But amazing things are also happening in our own backyard, and we feel compelled to spread the word and bring you UP to speed on the fantastic accomplishments taking place right here in Houston.

Our first “Houston UP Close” presenter is someone who…

Drove a Smart Car from his or her home in San Francisco to lead a bold new initiative in Houston.

Is transforming Houston into an electric-car hub, a national leader in wind-power investment, and an advocate for energy efficiency.

Has a most ambitious goal of getting every Houstonian access to single-stream, curbside-pickup recycling,  trying to drastically improve our quality of life in Houston for many years to come.

Our second “Houston UP Close” presenter is someone who...

Is a professor at Rice University and has been the recipient of 10 major teaching awards, including the George R. Brown Lifetime Award for Excellence in Teaching.

With the help of Rice University students in 1982, initiated an annual survey that holds the distinction of being the longest-running study of any metropolitan area’s economy, population, life experiences, beliefs, and attitudes.

Is a catalyst to help Houston stay ahead of economic and demographic trends and understand the changing attitudes and concerns of the public.

Leave your guesses below and check back next Tuesday and learn who will be speaking during the “Houston UP Close” session at UP 2011.

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