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UP Experience Book Give Away: Making It Happen

Monday, May 9th, 2011

UP 09 Speaker Peter Sheahan released his new book Making It Happen: Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results in mid April. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the first copies and a few additional ones that we wanted to share with you!

Leave a comment below before noon on Thursday, May 12th, and we’ll draw two names from the group of commenters to receive a complimentary copy of Making It Happen.

If you loved Peter Sheahan at The UP Experience and enjoyed his earlier books, our bet is you’ll love this one as well. He has a knack for bringing a level of organization and process to tried and true business principles and advice that just makes sense.

In Making It Happen, Sheahan walks through a five-phase process for vetting your latest, greatest idea and turning it into a reality. He takes the reader through: packaging, positioning, influence, acceleration and reinvention. It’s an easy to follow guide that walks the reader through key questions that must be addressed to make your next business venture a success – whether it’s launching a new business or implementing a change in your existing position.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below to get your copy!

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UP Alumni in the News 4.20.11.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Our UP Alumni continue to make headlines this week and we’d love your feedback on their activity. Are you reading any of our UP alumni’s new books? Have you used the Blackberry PlayBook? Thinking about raising money with ProFounder? Please share your thoughts below!

And, don’t forget we love suggestions! If you’ve come across a story we didn’t post please add it via the comment section below.

This week, UP 2010 speaker and New York Times tech critic David Pogue was on top of some of the week’s hottest news stories, logging comments on both Cisco’s decision to kill the Flip camera and the launch of Blackberry’s PlayBook

Also at UP 2010, Kiva founder Jessica Jackley gave us a preview of her new venture ProFounder. This past week she was interviewed on the details of Profounder on Benzinga and Daily Br!nk.

If you’ve had it on your list to get UP 2009 speaker Peter Sheahan’s new book, Making It Happen, wait no more! He’s a launched an enhanced version that includes seven in-depth videos feature Peter sharing his words of wisdom.

David Eagleman continued to conquer the media with a profile in The New Yorker and Houston Modern Luxury (check out page 79 of the digital edition from that link)

And, Shawn Achor, continued work on his latest book The Happiness Advantage, launching a preview of The Happiness Advantage DVD from his Facebook page.

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UP Alumni In The News 4.6.11

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

It’s Wednesday again! We took a brief hiatus last week, but are back this week with a double installment of our weekly blog feature, UP Alumni In The News.

Here are the biggest stories from past UP speakers. As always, please use the comment section below to add your thoughts and share any stories we may have missed.

And, don’t forget about our first Mini UP of the year this coming Tuesday. We can’t wait to see you there!

Just yesterday Peter Sheahan, one of the most engaging speakers to have taken The UP Experience stage, released his latest book, “Making It Happen: Turning your Good Ideas into Great Results.” We’ve got a copy and will be sharing some thoughts and juicy tidbits next week. Let us know if you pick up a copy so we can trade notes.

Esteemed UP speaker and MC David Eagleman has been on a speaking tour in London to promote his upcoming book, Incognito, which will explore the relationship between our minds and our legal system. As part of his travels Eagleman authored a great piece for The Telegraph outlining some of the main arguments of his book.

Shawn Achor launched a new app for Android and iPhone/iPad devices. The app, I Journal, follows the advice of Shawn’s latest book, The Happiness Advantage, and helps users maintain a regular journaling habit, which, you guessed it, has been shown to increase happiness. The app makes it easy to record your thoughts via voice recording, photos and writing updates. Let us know if you try it out!

UP 2008 speaker and Esquire food writer John Mariani spoke to NPR about his book, How Italian Food Conquered the World. The book examines the cuisine’s journey from one time “poor mans food” to plates hitting tables in kitchens and restaurants all over the U.S. nightly. Check out the interview and read an excerpt here.

Last but not least, UP 2010 speaker Richard Florida used his regular column at The Atlantic to examine the question, “Why Are Some Cities Happier Than Others?”

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Health Care Choices and Gen Y at the Mini-UP

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Ernie and Sheryl Rapp hosted the first Mini-UP of the season on Wednesday in the newly-purposed community room at Humana‘s Houston offices in Greenway Plaza. Frankly, I expected to run right home and write something for this blog that evening. However, the two talks we heard that afternoon have continued to linger in my mind, opening up more questions, further possibilities for personal action, and a curiosity about how I can use that information in my business and daily life. I should know by now, that’s what happens when you tap into The UP Experience.

Thomas Goetz, author of The Decision Tree, spoke about how technological advances in information sharing and iPhone apps can radically improve outcomes in health care.  The added revelation is that the improvement is not just general — it is very specific and personalized, positively improving outcomes in the management of MY health and YOUR health.  Peter Sheahan, author of Generation Y and Flip, spoke about the challenges and advantages for businesses as they incorporate a younger generation into the workforce.

The contrast between the two speakers was invigorating and complementary, each at home and completely in command of the subject matter that is their passion.  I was struck by the common thread uniting the two talks, and indeed, all of The UP Experience.  That thread?  ENGAGEMENT.

That thread was also the moral of both stories.  People who are engaged in their lives, in their work, in their health, and in their experiences DO BETTER OVERALL than people who are not.  Thomas Goetz spoke of the famous Whitehall study from the UK, where class differences predicted the likelihood of heart disease.  It turns out that having some autonomy and the ability to shape one’s own destiny and the environment around you is actually healthier than being stuck in a low-level job with no ability to make a difference.  Peter Sheahan has shown, time and again, that the young people now joining businesses and corporations EXPECT to make a difference.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  Attention, engagement, and effective action make all the difference in the outcomes, whether by qualitative or quantitative measures.  THAT is powerful information!

And that is why The UP Experience makes a difference.  Making connections between people, between ideas, to create value here and now,  today and into the future.

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