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UP Alumni In The News 9.28.11

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Yesterday marked one month until UP 2011. We can’t believe its already here! We’d love to hear which speaker you are most excited to hear this year!

And, while we’re busy with final preparations for this year’s UP Experience, our UP alumni have been busy pushing their initiatives forward. This past week:

John Gerzema at took a look at “Why You Should Hire E-lancers,” citing UP 08 speaker Sir Ken Robinson‘s work on learning that takes place outside of the classroom and what these “citizen-teachers” can offer the rest of us.

As always tech companies are making headlines and UP 10 speaker David Pogue is breaking down the details for us. Don’t miss his analysis of Netflix’ recent announcement that it will be splitting off its DVD service into a separate service, Qwikster.

UP 09 alumni Michio Kaku was in the news this week as physicists around the world commented on an experiment that appeared to call into question Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Get UP 09 speaker Dan Ariely's advice on how to pay employees. Image courtesy of flickr/aresauburn

Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely, who spoke at UP 09, took to this week to talk about, “How to Pay People.”

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UP Alumni In The News 9.7.11

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

We hope everyone had a great long weekend! The week might have just started but it’s already Wednesday and time for UP Alumni In The News!

This past week:

UP 10 speaker and New York Times tech critic David Pogue reexamined previous advice to never unsubscribe from spam emails.

Kevin Kelly recommends his book on paperback over ereader. Image courtesy of Flickr/edwc

September marks the month when Pogue’s fellow UP 10 speaker and technology writer Kevin Kelly releases the paperback version of his book What Technology Wants many of you may have read it as all of last year’s UP attendees got copies in their gift bags. Kelly has some surprising thoughts on the advantages of buying the book versus reading it on an ereader and highlights some unconventional interviews he’s done lately.

UP 09 speaker Michio Kaku was featured in the latest edition of “Symphony of Science” on CBS News. This series mixes some of society’s greatest current scientific minds including Kaku and Stephen Hawking with the entertaining world of viral internet videos.

Don’t forget, our full speaker lineup for UP 2011 has been announced and posted. Check it out!

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UP Alumni In The News 8.24.11

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

This week in addition to UP Alumni news, we’ve got UP Founder news! UP Experience co-founder Sheryl Rapp has been selected by Texas Executive Women as one of their 2011 Women On The Move. Houston Woman Magazine wrote about the upcoming awards in their latest issue.

Also this week:

Yesterday's East Coast earthquake should be a warning says Michio Kaku. Image courtesy of flickr/digitalsadhu

UP 10 speaker Michio Kaku commented in near real time on yesterday’s East Coast earthquake.

UP 09 speaker Peter Diamandis and his X Prize Foundation were featured on CBS News for their work “to solve the unsolvable.”

UP 09-11 speaker and emcee David Eagleman‘s pioneering research on time perception was included in an article from Wired, “Why Some Seconds Seem to Last Forever.”

Congrats are in order for UP 10 speaker Gracie Cavnar who has been recognized by Self magazine as one of three winners of their “Women Doing Good” award.

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UP Alumni In The News 6.22.11

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Is having the next big idea the key to success? Or is "tweaking" an idea better? Image courtesy of

UP 08 speaker Malcolm Gladwell got quite a bit of press in business and marketing media this week for his presentation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. His most talked about comments were about why it might be better for business leaders to “tweak” instead of innovate.

Fellow UP 08 speaker Ray Kurzweil has also been all of late night talk and news shows discussing his vision of The Singularity, blogger Jason Silva at The Huffington Post declared, “The Singularity is here,” this. Meanwhile 60 Minutes posted several outtakes from their interview with Kurzweil.

The UP 08 speaker news continues with Shawn Achor who was also featured in The Huffington Post discussing the connection between happiness and weight loss.

UP 09 speakers Peter Diamandis and Michio Kaku were both included in Big Think’s panel at SAP’s Sapphire Now event in Florida to present there visions of the future. Diamandis predicts an “Age of Abundance” while Michio Kaku described his version as “perfect capitalism.” Read more here.

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UP Alumni In The News 5.25.11

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Another Wednesday another round of great UP alumni in the news stories!

We know there are quite a few iPhone users in our audience. If you count yourself as one of them, don’t miss UP 10 speaker David Pogue‘s tips for how to make your iPhone battery last longer.

As the school year wraps up, UP 10 speaker Adora Svitak has weighed on the American Prom tradition.

In addition to marking an UP alumni in the news post, today also marks Oprah’s last show. In honor of the landmark UP 08 speaker Craig Kielburger takes a look at the support Oprah has given his organization to help them build schools around the world.

UP 10 speaker Bill Nye was back in Texas this past week speaking in San Antonio about the money to be made in green industries.

Loved Michio Kaku at UP 09? Check out the space he works in everyday in “Desktop Diaries.”

As always we’d love to get your feedback on these stories! Surprised by Michio Kaku’s office? Are you making money in the green economy?

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UP Alumni In The News 3.23.11

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Happy Wednesday! Time for more UP alumni in the news.

This week, The New York Times announced a timeline for long-rumored plans to establish a paywall on its site and the internet was flooded with opinions on the decision. Fast Company analyzed The Psychology Behind The New York Times Paywall and cited a video from UP 09 speaker Dan Ariely.

Another UP 09 speaker, Shawn Achor, put pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard) in an article for the Harvard Business Review taking on the stigma, “Are Happy People Dumb?”

Also, this week it was UP 2010 speaker Bill Nye’s turn to serve as an expert to explain the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

Meanwhile, Michio Kaku continued to be active in the media, but not on earthquake recovery. He has released a new book, Physics of The Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100.  Interested in learning his predictions? Is a Jetsons-style life in our future? Read an interview with Dr. Kaku and an excerpt on NPR here.

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UP Alumni in the News 3.16.11

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Have we made Wednesday your favorite day of the week yet? Thanks for reading! Check out the links below to see which of your favorite UP speakers are making headlines this week.

Don’t forget to weigh in on your favorites and feel free to post more links in the comments section if there is anything we missed!

Our thoughts have been with all those affected by the earthquake in Japan since we heard the news, and we continue to be glued to news coverage of the rescue efforts. UP 2009 speaker and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku has been busy helping reporters and the public understand the potentially long lasting physical affects of the quake. We’ve also heard that UP 2009 Speaker Neil deGrasse Tyson has been interviewed about the quake, but haven’t been able to locate coverage. If you’ve seen it please add the link below.

The future is your decision says UP 2008 speaker, economist and trend analyst Alan Beaulieu. Check out the link to get his investment advice, as well as short and long term economic predictions.

UP 2010 speaker Jessica Jackley was named to the World Economic Forum’s Forum of Young Global Leaders. An elite and well deserved honor! Check out the link to learn more about the program and the other members of its 2011 class.

Congrats are also in order for UP 2010 speaker Dennis Littky! Littky was honored by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) this week for his work in overhauling higher education.

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UP Alumni In the News 2.23.11

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Good morning and happy Wednesday to all!

One of our favorite things about The UP Experience is that it allows us to uncover new fields of study, new practices and new passions that stick with us long after the speakers have left the stage. It has also introduced us to a community of people in Houston and around the world who are constantly innovating and announcing new ideas that generate recognition in places around the world.

We do our best to keep up with past speakers to stay on top of their new research, business ventures and publications. Starting today, we’ll be posting weekly updates of notable UP Alumni in the news. Check back each Wednesday to see the latest.

And don’t forget, The UP Experience is about discussion and we love to hear your feedback. If you find a news story you’d like to share please post it as a comment, and let us know what your thoughts are on the stories posted here.

UP Alumni in the news this week:

UP 2009 speaker Brené Brown was interviewed by Martha Rosenberg at The Huffington Post about the findings in her latest book The Gifts of Imperfection

The victory of IBM’s Watson computer on Jeopardy last week has prompted lots of comments on the development of artificial intelligence. Watch here as UP 2009 speakers Michio Kaku and Peter Diamandis discuss AI and Web 4.0

UP 2008 speaker Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage continues to get recognition around the world for rewriting the long held truth that success brings happiness. Read Shawn’s Harvard Business Review article here on how to make stress work for you.

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Time Travel?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Professor Michio Kaku of City University of New York and Princeton continues Albert Einstein’s quest to find the unified “theory of everything.  At The UP Experience 2009 he will reveal some startling breakthroughs about the latest6 technologies of the future and the connections between science fiction and physics.

Is time travel in your future?  Fine out! Watch Michio discuss the invisible time travelers all around us.

What science fiction dream do you want to be a reality?  Let  us know!

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Coffee for comments!

Monday, April 6th, 2009
Cropped image from a larger one of Michio Kaku...
Image via Wikipedia

A quick glance at Google Alerts this morning is exciting, alarming, overwhelming, invigorating.  Just over the weekend (April3-5, 2009) there were 30  mentions of our UP Experience speakers on blogs and major news outlets.  That was just in 3 days!  In a little over six weeks, our speakers have been quoted 365 times. So what?  Movers, shakers, trend-setters and -spotters, idea-launchers and innovators are these unique people, sharing their unique perspective with Houston!  My Google alerts are consuming my waking moments, spent at my computer in the office, when perhaps I should be  doing something else.  I can’t help it.  And now, they are infiltrating my sleep as well.  That’s the only possible explanation for why I dreamed about dinner with Michio Kaku last night.   Random?  I think not.

Drop us a comment  here.  Tell your friends you commented, and maybe they’ll comment on YOUR comment.  Whatever Chris or I write for this blog is only part of the equation.  The comments are the rapid-response, the lifeblood  of any blog.  Just as the meet-the-speaker dialogues are the lifeblood of The UP Experience, your comments and the ongoing conversation here can make the event  on October 15 even more dynamic.

Here’s an enticement.  Have a look at previous posts, look at the list  of speakers, and respond via the Comments box.  Each week, Chris and I will read through all the comments, and select one at random.  The lucky winner will receive:

  • a cup of coffee or beverage of choice at our favorite geek-gathering  spot,  The CoffeeGroundz,
  • an amazingly entertaining conversation with us, over the aforementioned  beverages
  • a SPOTLIGHT mention of you (with links to your business or other approved site — ahem!)  right here on the UP Blog.

You’re responsible for your own transportation to and from and in Houston.  But seriously, the coffee’s on us.

posted by MaryBeth Smith

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