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UP Alumni In The News 10.19.11

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Just 9 days stand between us and The UP Experience 2011, can you believe it? Time sure flies when you are discovering the people and achievements who are determining today what the world will look like tomorrow.

We hope we’ll see all of you on October 27th! Check out our Facebook page and Twitter feeds for live updates from UP on the 27th!

UP 09 alumni, Peter Diamandis, kicked off a week-long program for entrepreneurs at Singularity University this past week by saying that optimism is the key to business success. Check out why he says, “the world is getting better at an accelerating rate.”

rethink your workplace at UP 11! Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Michael Lokner

And as the world gets better some of us are feeling the stress of so much to do. If that sounds like you check out this post on how to be more positive at work that cites the research of UP 08 speaker Shawn Achor.

UP 10 alum Richard Florida tackled business from another angle, examining, “How Startups Have Changed the Way American Business Thinks” in The Atlantic.
Can’t wait until October 27th for your next dose of UP? Get your fix now on The UP Experience YouTube channel!

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UP Alumni In The News 9.21.11

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

It’s been a busy week at UP! We hit 100 followers on Facebook this week, posted so many past UP talks on YouTube and dove into all the details that need to be ironed out with The UP Experience just over a month away!

We imagine our UP alumni and UP 11 speakers have also been busy, here are some of their activities making headlines this week:

Learn how to improve your memory skills from expert Ron White at UP 11. Image courtesy of Flickr/therichbrooks

UP 11 speaker and memory expert Ron White was featured in SUCCESS Magazine this week. White had an MRI taken at the University of Texas this week, while he memorized information. The results showed that White uses 35 percent more of his brain when memorizing than the average person! Don’t miss him at UP 2011 when he shares his tips and tricks!

UP 08 speaker Craig Kielburger took to the Huffington Post to talk about the incredible difference education can make for a child in their article, “An Education Takes Kids from Slums to Schools.

On a light note, UP 10 speaker and New York Times tech columnist David Pogue took some time to help us all get up to speed on the latest cultural references in his guide, “Internet Memes 101: A Guide to Online Wackiness.”

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Welcome Dave Nelsen Business & Social Media Authority to UP 2011!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. At UP, we’re still hard at work finalizing the details of the speaker lineup for The UP Experience 2011. And, since today is Tuesday, we’re announcing the name of the next innovator to take our stage in October.

Dave Nelsen is the president of Dialogue Cng Group and a social media expert who has achieved incredible success using innovative social networking, social media, and internet communication tools. His UP presentation, Insights about Social Media and Social Networking will help attendees understand how to develop strategies that enhance conversations with their most important internal and external customers using proven social media tools and techniques.

Dave is an award-winning CEO who has founded, run, and sold several high-tech companies including the social media pioneer,, where he introduced the world to live, interactive podcasting. Through this venture, he quickly became immersed in the emerging social networking and social media phenomenon. During this time, he was recognized by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as CEO of the Year by the Tech Council, a leading US technology trade association. Throughout his career, he has raised more than $70 million federal, angel investor, and venture capital funding.

Most importantly, as a CEO himself, he has successfully tackled in his own businesses many of the same challenges businesses and professionals face today in the ever-expanding and increasingly important world of social media.

Dave is an experienced podcaster, blogger, tweeter, Facebook and Ning user, and LinkedIn networker.   He writes a monthly column for TEQ Magazine, and appears regularly as a guest on WMNY Radio.

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UP Alumni in the News 4.20.11.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Our UP Alumni continue to make headlines this week and we’d love your feedback on their activity. Are you reading any of our UP alumni’s new books? Have you used the Blackberry PlayBook? Thinking about raising money with ProFounder? Please share your thoughts below!

And, don’t forget we love suggestions! If you’ve come across a story we didn’t post please add it via the comment section below.

This week, UP 2010 speaker and New York Times tech critic David Pogue was on top of some of the week’s hottest news stories, logging comments on both Cisco’s decision to kill the Flip camera and the launch of Blackberry’s PlayBook

Also at UP 2010, Kiva founder Jessica Jackley gave us a preview of her new venture ProFounder. This past week she was interviewed on the details of Profounder on Benzinga and Daily Br!nk.

If you’ve had it on your list to get UP 2009 speaker Peter Sheahan’s new book, Making It Happen, wait no more! He’s a launched an enhanced version that includes seven in-depth videos feature Peter sharing his words of wisdom.

David Eagleman continued to conquer the media with a profile in The New Yorker and Houston Modern Luxury (check out page 79 of the digital edition from that link)

And, Shawn Achor, continued work on his latest book The Happiness Advantage, launching a preview of The Happiness Advantage DVD from his Facebook page.

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It’s everyone’s favorite time – UP alumni in the news!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Before we dive into this weeks links we want to say thank you to everyone who joined us for last night’s Mini UP. Ankit Fadia and Matthew Knowles each brought a unique perspective to the stage. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Photos and highlights will be posted here and on our Facebook page soon.

And, very importantly, we announced our very first speaker for UP 2011 last night, drumroll please . . . . Dan Pink! Pink is the highly acclaimed author of several books, the most recent of which is Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Pink focuses on businesses, technology and helping us make the most of ourselves in our day-to-day lives. We are so excited to bring him to UP this year.

Here are this week’s UP alumni making headlines:

Two big announcements for all of our Houston readers!

David Eagleman has won a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. The Houston Chronicle says this is the first time a professor at Baylor College of Medicine has received the award.

And TONIGHT UP 09 speaker Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson will be giving a free lecture at the University of Houston. Let us know if you attend.

UP 08 speaker Ray Kurzweil is in the news again. The much talked about futurist is nominated for the 2011 TIME magazine TIME 100 list. Voting closes April 14 so vote now!

Another inaugural UP Experience speaker, Steve Wozniak, was in the news this week when he said he would consider returning to a larger role at Apple if they asked him.

For the social media users out there, are you suffering from FOMO? That is “Fear of Missing Out?” The New York Times detailed the phenomenon in an article referring to UP 09 Dan Ariely’s work.

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Keep It UP!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Thank you to everyone who joined us at UP 2010. Every year we are truly amazed at the discoveries shared on our stage and the connections made both within the audience and between attendees and speakers. And, without a doubt our favorite part is hearing about the ideas sparked over the course of the day.

Now it is up to all of us to keep it UP! It is our goal to make The UP Experience a year round inspiration, a community where exploration, innovation and entrepreneurship are happening every day.

Please post comments here and contact us at to share how you are staying UP, and let us know how we can help! We’ll be using this blog and a few other means to keep things going in the coming months. Check back for more news on how to stay connected and involved.

Follow your favorite speakers on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and visit their websites and blogs to get the latest news on their work. And, don’t forget about us at UP!

The UP Experience:

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Wendy Schiller:

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Richard Florida:

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David Eagleman:

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Jessica Jackley:

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James Maas:

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Bill Nye:

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Dennis Littky:

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Twitter: @Dennis_Littky @bigpiclearning



Shawn Achor:

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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
Yellow Car!  Smack!  Kiss!
Image by orangeacid via Flickr

They say that if you’re looking for something, you’ll see it everywhere.

I’ve heard it called the “Yellow Car Phenomenon.”  Having never given a flip about yellow cars previously, bring them into your attention for the next few days.  You’ll be amazed at how many yellow cars appear, seemingly out of nowhere — and NOT just taxi cabs!

I’m having my own Yellow Car Phenomenon, but in another domain. I blame The UP Experience.  I now see innovation everywhere.  Recent examples:

1) While perusing Twitter the other day, I came across this blog posting about a design concept that is simple and elegant:  venetian blinds with small solar cells on them.  They collect solar energy during the day, and then can light your room at night or power other devices. Isn’t that brilliant?  It’s the classic, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. One demonstration of creativity is the ability to see  something old or taken-for-granted in a new way. Now, what  would REALLY be cool would be inexpensive solar-cell tape, like a Scotch tape roll, so that you could retrofit your own blinds.  I’m in!

2) Misha Penton is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and performs primarily in Houston.  Bored with the oh-so-conventional approach to classical music, she founded an opera company to bring her longing for boundary-defying, intense, non-traditional contemporary performances to life.  Now, as Artistic Director of Divergence Vocal Theater, she says the two shows she has produced “feels like giving birth to twins six months apart.”  She has created something utterly new on the Houston music and arts scene: fearless, authentic, flawless fusion of old and new opera, dance, instrumental music, technology/multimedia, and literature.  With a loyal following and rave reviews accumulating, Misha’s desire to provide extraordinary experiences has created extraordinary value.

3)  Social media and crowdsourcing are transforming my life.  I’ve been on Facebook since 2006 and Twitter since October 2008, and seriously underestimated their usefulness until recently.  My parents raised me to look up answers to my own questions in our Encyclopedia Brittanica.  That was in an age of information scarcity.  Fast-forward to today.  If I Google “Houston TX Sushi” I get 363,000 results.  It’s so much information that I’ll choke on it before I ever get my sushi!  However, I can ask my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, “Where should I eat sushi tonight?” and get some reliable recommendations.  That  combines efficiency, the personal touch, and  innovation.

Why so much innovation now? Perhaps it’s because “necessity is the mother of invention,” and we certainly have great necessities at this time in our history.  Perhaps it’s been there all along, just humming below the level of our awareness. However, I’m starting to believe that each of us is an innovator, even if we don’t quite know it yet. Certainly, each speaker slated to appear at The UP Experience is an innovator, a unique person with a unique perspective. Once you develop the “nose,” and the awareness to find innovation in the world around you, you’ll find it everywhere.  You might even uncover that capacity within yourself!

Posted by MaryBeth Smith

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Creating Community with Social Media

Saturday, March 21st, 2009
My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...
Image by luc legay via Flickr

There is a real opportunity to communicate, relate, and create community using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

I am somewhat of a late stage early adopter. I avoided exploring Facebook and Twitter for months. I could not see myself creating an account on Facebook. I thought that “microblogging” (limit of 140 keystrokes) on Twitter about where I was and what I was doing was a bit self-indulgent.

When I got over this initial hesitation I found that there was real power to connect across the world and form relationships and community. On Facebook, I was able to find and connect with people that shared the same interests and commitments that I had. I was also able to locate and reconnect with people that I had not communicated with in years. Sometimes finding them was like playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Finding, and following people whose “tweets” are of interest (and having people find and follow me) enlarges the conversation. Whether it’s exposure to multiple points of  view, or discovering  others of like mind, the Twitter community is vibrant, verbal, and vital.   It was exciting to see world events unfolding before me in the real-time comments appearing on my computer screen. I knew about the Turkish plane crash at Schipol, Natasha Richardson’s tragic accident, and updates from the SXSW conference  well before those stories made it to the TV and radio news.  Simple tools developed for Twitter allow me to discover and track new trends.   That is just the beginning.

Facebook and Twitter are expanding and evolving at an exponential rate. New tools and uses for them are being developed on a daily basis. New possibilities are opening everyday. Facebook and Twitter have been used to connect people, promote and grow businesses, organize and promote charities, and facilitate co-working, among other things.

Don’t become a digital hermit. Jump in and join the fun. Follow @theupexperience on Twitter, and join the “fan  page” on Facebook for The UP Experience. See what  uses you can find for social media. Let me know what you have done.

posted by Chris Welsh

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Mini-UPs, MeetUPs, and TweetUPs

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
City of Houston
Image via Wikipedia

At last year’s UP the participants were excited, enthusiastic and curious. On the breaks they reconnected with old friends and made new ones. They shared their experiences and their insights, and how they would apply what they had learned. They began to create community.

We’ve made a commitment to continue to create and develop that community through UP 2009 and beyond.  Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, make it easy to inform and gather community through Mini-UPs, MeetUPs and TweetUPs.

The first Mini-UP was a formal gathering and dinner at Tony’s on February 19. When you register to attend The UP Experience, you’ll receive invitations to attend the next Mini-UPs via e-mail.

Facebook and Twitter are the giants among social media sites, and each offers a dynamic and personal way to connect. If you’re not familiar with Facebook or Twitter, it’s easy to get started.  Simply sign up for a free account at and The UP Experience is listed on Facebook as an event (go to our page and click that you are attending!), and you can also go to our “Fan Page.”  Use the Search box on Facebook to type in “The UP Experience,” and then click on what comes UPUP Community is already gathering there!

Take some time to post a photo of yourself, or your avatar.  Fill in some information on your profile so we can get to know you.  Connect with others who are interested in UP by sending a friend request.  The community grows before your eyes.  When you meet them in person, you’ll feel like you already know them.

Twitter is growing at an incredible rate. It is called “microblogging” since you are allowed 140 keystrokes to say what you want to say. Given that constraint it is amazing to see how it is being used and the new ways people are creating to use it.  You can find us on Twitter  and choose to follow The UP Experience. You’ll then receive “tweets” in real time about our speakers, new postings on the UP Blog, AND spontaneous invitations to TweetUPs. You can also follow me, Chris Welsh (cwelsh) or MaryBeth Smith (divamover).

Tweet-UPs are face to face real world meetings between two or more people who normally communicate on Twitter. For example, I could send a Tweet that said I would be at CoffeeGroundz (my favorite coffee shop in Houston) from 1-4 in the afternoon, come join me to talk about UP. Those who are interested can come join me at that time.

Meet-UPs are informal local meetings for interested people. You’re notified via email, Twitter, and Facebook several days to a week in advance The meetings could focus on the UP Experience in general, or could focus on particular subjects, speakers who have presented or will be presenting at the UP Experience, or just as a social gathering.

This is the start of creating the UP community. It is an experiment in using social media. To learn more about social media, check out Clay Shirky’s TEDCast or read his book, Here Comes Everybody. Also see Evan Williams’ TEDCast. Evan Williams is one of the founders of Twitter.

Tomasz Tunguz, a social networking expert with Redpoint Ventures, gave a thought provoking presentation at the Mini-UP on February 19. In October at The UP Experience, he will undoubtedly say more about the future of consumer internet, online marketing, and digital media.

Won’t you join us in the experiment to create the UP community? Get hands-on experience now: learn about, and use these exciting social media. Come join the fun and play!

Let the games begin.

Chris Welsh

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