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Leave your guesses for the 5th speaker at UP 2011

Friday, May 20th, 2011

So far we’ve announced four dynamic presenters for UP 2011: Daniel Pink,  Dr. Anthony Atala, Ron White, and Chef Jeff Henderson.

Ready to learn who is next to take the stage?

Our fifth 2011 UP Speaker is someone who…

In 2010 was featured in Fortune magazine’s annual “40 Under 40,” recognizing business’s hottest rising stars.

Holds three degrees from the MIT: a BS in mathematics, a BS in electrical engineering and computer science, and an MS in electrical engineering and computer science. He or she also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Has received more than 54 million views to his or her YouTube channel, which officially launched in late 2009.

Leave us your guesses below. We’ll reveal the name on Tuesday!

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UP 2011’s First Speaker is . . . .

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Today’s a day we’ve been long preparing for and hope you’ve been looking forward to! Today we begin publicly announcing the incredible lineup for UP 2011.

For everyone who read our teaser announcement on Friday, did you guess right?

The UP Experience 2011’s first speaker is . . .  DANIEL PINK!


Currently best known as the author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Pink is authority on human motivation and performance.

According to Pink, everything we think we know about what motivates us is wrong. He pits the latest scientific discoveries about the mind against claims that people can be motivated only by the hope of gain and the fear of loss. Pink cites numerous case studies revealing that “carrot and stick” motivation tactics can actually significantly reduce the ability of workers to produce creative solutions to problems. And, what truly motivates us once our basic survival needs are met is the ability to grow and develop, to realize our fullest potential. Drawing on research in psychology, economics, and sociology, Pink’s analysis — and new model — of motivation offers tremendous insight into our deepest nature.

Pink has published four books, authored numerous articles on business and technology for Wired, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, The Telegraph, and Fast Company, and has appeared as a featured presenter at TED Global.

His focus on improving people’s professional and personal lives by reexamining conventional theories strikes at the heart of what The UP Experience looks to deliver each year – new insights that allow all of us to live better lives.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see Daniel Pink on October 27th.

Don’t forget to come back to The UP Experience blog tomorrow for UP alumni in the news and on Friday for clues about the speaker we’ll announce next week!

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