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Health Care Choices and Gen Y at the Mini-UP

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Ernie and Sheryl Rapp hosted the first Mini-UP of the season on Wednesday in the newly-purposed community room at Humana‘s Houston offices in Greenway Plaza. Frankly, I expected to run right home and write something for this blog that evening. However, the two talks we heard that afternoon have continued to linger in my mind, opening up more questions, further possibilities for personal action, and a curiosity about how I can use that information in my business and daily life. I should know by now, that’s what happens when you tap into The UP Experience.

Thomas Goetz, author of The Decision Tree, spoke about how technological advances in information sharing and iPhone apps can radically improve outcomes in health care.  The added revelation is that the improvement is not just general — it is very specific and personalized, positively improving outcomes in the management of MY health and YOUR health.  Peter Sheahan, author of Generation Y and Flip, spoke about the challenges and advantages for businesses as they incorporate a younger generation into the workforce.

The contrast between the two speakers was invigorating and complementary, each at home and completely in command of the subject matter that is their passion.  I was struck by the common thread uniting the two talks, and indeed, all of The UP Experience.  That thread?  ENGAGEMENT.

That thread was also the moral of both stories.  People who are engaged in their lives, in their work, in their health, and in their experiences DO BETTER OVERALL than people who are not.  Thomas Goetz spoke of the famous Whitehall study from the UK, where class differences predicted the likelihood of heart disease.  It turns out that having some autonomy and the ability to shape one’s own destiny and the environment around you is actually healthier than being stuck in a low-level job with no ability to make a difference.  Peter Sheahan has shown, time and again, that the young people now joining businesses and corporations EXPECT to make a difference.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  Attention, engagement, and effective action make all the difference in the outcomes, whether by qualitative or quantitative measures.  THAT is powerful information!

And that is why The UP Experience makes a difference.  Making connections between people, between ideas, to create value here and now,  today and into the future.

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