Why UP is a great way to entertain clients and employees

The UP Experience is a wonderful gift to give to the people who keep your business successful. In turn, your organization will benefit in numerous ways. One thing is certain: everyone who attends on your behalf will walk away feeling appreciated, inspired, and engaged – which can only lead to better business outcomes and greater success for your company.

• Offers an intellectually focused, creative, and enjoyable day unlike any other.
• Provides a powerful download of crucial information about our future.
• Acts as a springboard for developing new ideas and solutions that can be applied professionally and personally.
• Supports the idea that in order to continuously grow, it’s important to continuously learn.

• Shows appreciation and offers a unique reward for hard work and success.
• Demonstrates that you embrace forward thinking and that unique ideas can foster astounding achievements.
• Becomes the catalyst for creative and innovative discussion.
• Promotes a shift in mindset from “why” to “what if.”

• Demonstrates your dedication to local and global issues.
• Provides a forum to network with some of Houston’s most prominent leaders and individuals.
• Allows your guests to engage with others in a way that is memorable and impactful.
• Offers an opportunity to meet world-renowned experts without ever leaving our city.

Register today and bring someone whose perspectives you want to positively impact.

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