Who’s the 16th Speaker UP on October 25, 2012?

Our final presenter to take the stage is a name and face everyone will recognize, and we are confident this popular personality is guaranteed to entertain, delight, and inspire you.

Our 16th speaker to take the stage at UP 2012 is someone who…

• In previous roles, could have given you a ride or taken care of your children.
• Has been a star in the ring, on television, on the big screen, on Broadway, and in the classroom.
• At age 59, fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a tenth-grade English teacher in Philadelphia.
• In 2010, received an AARP “Inspire Award” which pays tribute to extraordinary people who inspire others to action through their innovative thinking, passion, and perseverance.

Think you know who it is? Look for your UP email on Tuesday and find out the name of the last presenter to take the stage for 20 inspiring minutes at UP 2012.

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